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We are committed to making a quality medical school education available for every student. Learn about available scholarships, loans and payment plans.
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wav XUSOM is currently waiving APPLICATION FEES for the FIRST 200 APPLICANTS!
Students enrolled in our MD program will take part in two years of pre-clinical courses and clinical training, at our Caribbean medical school, that will prepare them to enter a residency program in the U.S.

Our Pre-Med program offers high school graduates the opportunity to complete classes that will prepare them to enter our medi...
At XUSOM, we are confident in what we do -- and we are here to help you realize your dream of becoming a physician or nurse using our services as a Caribbean medical school.

The Admissions committee evaluates applicants based not only on academic background, but life experiences and looks for those who have the aptitude for success not only as ...
The focus of our Caribbean medical school's program is to provide a medical education that is affordable and gives students the tools necessary to pass United States Medical Licensure Examinations (USMLE) and apply for U.S. residencies.

All students and faculty members have access to brand new computers equipped with flat screen monitors and ex...