Norma Alvarez Quezada MD


Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Ravindra Kota, MD, MBBA

Ravindra Kota
Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences


Dr. Kota is a trained Surgeon who received his M.B.B.S. from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad, India.  Dr. Kota’s past experience as a General and Laparoscopic surgeon includes working at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, St. Catherine Hospital of Siena, and Caremax Surgical P.C.  Dr. Kota is currently the Chairman and Executive Director at Premier Surgical PLLC.

Dr. Ravindra’s Kota devotes his time to helping those of need by providing surgical treatment for kids with congenital heart diseases through the “Gift of Life” program.  Dr. Kota has also been recognized for his medical research and presentations including, “An Audit of Surgery for Seventy One Primary Parotid Tumors” (Dec, 1991).