Office Of The Registrar

The Department of the Registrar provides our Caribbean medical school’s students with official documents and assistance with class registration.

It is the responsibility of the Caribbean medical school’s Registrar to address all inquires relating to transfer credits, enrollment status, copies of transcripts enrollment letters, class registration, visa letters, etc. To better assist our students we have a Assistant Registrar to support our Campus Registrar. Official documents that a student may need will come from the Assistant Registrar in the US while class registration, visa letters, and enrollment letters will come from the Assistant Registrar. Both Registrars will be capable of assisting any student regardless of his or her location request; however, official transcripts are processed by the Assistant Registrar.

Class Registration

Before entering the Caribbean medical school, XUSOM at Aruba will review all transcript copies that have been submitted during the admission process. Upon acceptance into Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba the student will be required to submit official transcripts from all universities and/or high schools attended. Official transcripts MUST be submitted directly from the University to Xavier Admissions Aruba, LLC located at 1000 Woodbury Road, Suite 109, Woodbury, New York 11797. Student copies and unofficial transcripts will not be granted official credit.
Class registration will be permitted on a semester basis. Passing grade for full credit is 70% (“C”) or better. Any grade below a 70 is considered failing and thus will require the student to repeat the class. Some classes require a prerequisite be met before entry into the class. If this is the case the Campus Registrar will confirm placement on the student’s behalf. Again, transfer credit is only granted after XUSOM at Aruba has received official transcripts from all prior universities attended.
In the medical curriculum, XUSOM at Aruba class schedules are predetermined. The student will be allowed advancement provided successful academic achievement and financial obligations have been met. The student will be registered for the next semester automatically. Transfer student’s classes will be registered according to the official transfer credits awarded. The Campus Registrar will assign classes accordingly.

Official Transcript Request

An official transcripts can be requested and will be provided as long as the student is cleared of any holds and has submitted official transcripts from any other university attended to which XUSOM at Aruba transfer credit was approved. A student may have a hold on their record due to financial reasons, library holds, school equipment holds, etc.
Official requests for a transcripts must be made in writing or through XUSOM’s online forms. Transcript requests must include the name and address and institution where the transcript will be sent Official Transcripts will not be released to students. There is a fee associated with transcript requests and will not be mailed until the fee has been paid. Before requesting transcripts please verify that your file with XUSOM at Aruba is complete.

Allow 14 days for transcript requests to be processed.

Enrollment Letters

Letters of enrollment are written on behalf of the student for several reasons. Some of these reasons might include health insurance, auto insurance, housing issues, etc. Letters are granted to the student provided they are in good standing academically and financially with Xavier University School of Medicine. Enrollment letters are offered to current students that are active. No letter will be written for any student that is not currently enrolled in the university. Enrollment letters can be requested after the first week of school (after the drop date). Requests for enrollment letters must be submitted in writing with the contact name, address, fax number, and telephone number provided to the University. Before requesting enrollment letters please verify that your XUSOM at Aruba file is complete.

Allow 14 days for enrollment letter requests to be processed.