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Students enrolled in our MD program will take part in two years of basic science coursework, followed by two years of clinical training that will prepare them to enter into a residency program in the U.S.

All applicants applying for the 4-Year MD Program are required to have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies & 90 total credit hours.  We are looking for a cumulative GPA of 3.0, including the following subjects:

  • (8 hours) of Inorganic or General Chemistry (with labs)
  • (8 hours) of Organic Chemistry (with labs)
  • (8 hours) of General Biology (with labs)
  • (8 hours) of Physics (with labs)
  • (3 hours) of English
  • (3 hours) of Pre-Calculus/Calculus or Statistics
  • (3 hours) of Behavioral or Social Science

*Additional coursework in biology and other related disciplines is highly recommended.

In addition to our 4-Year MD Program, we also offer a 5 ½ Year Pre-Med / MD Program.  This program is designed for high school graduates, as a precursor to our medical program.  Motivated students can come to XUSOM without first obtaining a bachelor’s degree.  If they perform well, they will be granted automatic admission into the MD portion of the program.  The pre-medical curriculum is consistent with XUSOM’s integrated medical curriculum, and will ease the transition into basic science.  It presents fundamental scientific concepts from a medical perspective, and incorporates USMLE Step 1 familiarization from the first day of classes. 

All applicants applying for the 5 ½ Year Pre-Med / MD Program are required to have completed high school, or an equivalency program.