Study to become a physician, surrounded by a tropical paradise of beautiful beaches, palm trees, sunshine, and warm weather all year round.

Want to be a part of the ultimate vacation experience while earning your medical degree and pursuing your dream to become a physician? Well, here at Xavier University School of Medicine we make that possible with the convenient location of our campus in the heart of downtown Aruba. In addition to our 4-Year MD Program, we also offer a 5 ½ Year Pre-Med / MD Program.
Our graduates have obtained ACGME-accredited residency appointments in just about every medical specialty and sub-specialty, at world-renowned teaching hospitals and leading medical centers across the U.S. and Canada.
The pressure of getting into Medical School can be daunting, especially for those that have struggled with the MCAT, tuition expenses, and a lower high school GPA. These numbers alone are enough to control the likelihood of your acceptance and progression and thus, can steer you away from fulfilling your dream of becoming a physician. Medical schools in the Caribbean are aware of these limitations. At the Xavier University School of Medicine, we understand everyday struggles and take every aspect into account during our decision making process. This includes your aspirations, your knowledge of medicine, your letters of recommendation and what you convey to us in your essays. Our goal is to give you a second chance as we believe in your devotion and your ability to become a successful physician one day. Attending our school in Aruba will provide you with the same academic resources that you’d get at any other Medical School in the United States plus more. Provided that we are a smaller institution, our smaller and more personable classroom sizes will grant you the attention that you deserve. Our faculty is here to help guide you every step of the way from the application process to graduation day. You’d be on a first name basis with your professors, all whom would be able to learn about you and care for your individual academic needs. Your individuality will be acknowledged so you won’t have to worry about becoming just another “fish in the sea.”
Please watch our all encompassing video about Xavier University School of Medicine, and how XUSOM is the right choice for you when deciding on where you want to go to medical school in the Caribbean to become a physician someday!
Located in Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, XUSOM’s campus is in walking distance of shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants. With the close proximity to the central bus station, students are able to travel all over the island making everything easily accessible. The campus community is made up of a welcoming & supportive faculty & staff that provide our students with the tools necessary to succeed.  The campus reveals a team environment where students work together to achieve their goals. There are also many on-campus resources available for our students including our library and labs with state-of-the-art equipment.
The campus itself is a large, modern, newly-renovated facility comprised of over 125,000 square feet of space.  The entire facility is equipped with central air conditioning, WIFI, and cloud technology. All classrooms have LCD projectors and labs including advanced equipment, tools, charts and plasticized cadavers that are used for teaching and dissection. Students are also given the opportunity to receive “hands on” experience at the local Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital, where anatomical dissections are performed. With the location, faculty, student community, and resources available, XUSOM provides a valuable educational experience unlike any other. Come see what XUSOM has to offer!