Program Highlights

  • Rotations start every Monday (advance notice of 6 weeks is required to schedule a rotation)
  • Cohort of 10 new students begin each week
  • Students choose specialties from our clinical curriculum
  • Rotations in each specialty will last for either 4 or 6 weeks
  • There will be between 2 and 4 students in each specialty, at any given time

The Clinical Medicine Certificate Program provides normal third or fourth year medical students with a temporary opportunity to train in various medical disciplines. They can engage in direct patient management, while being mentored and supervised by attending physicians. This is not graduate medical training. The program is comprised of elective clinical rotations at our affiliated hospitals and specialized clinical facilities across the United States. The training includes history taking, physical examinations, laboratory analysis, case presentations, clinical workshops, and conferences. Students have an opportunity to assess their interest in each of the major fields of medical training and develop the skills and knowledge that are essential for graduate medical education.

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Hospital Affiliations 

Delaware Psychiatric Center (Delaware)

Medstars – Atlanta Hospitals (Georgia)

Jackson Park Hospital (Illinois)

Weiss Memorial (Illinois)

Mount Sinai Hospital (Illinois)

Lake Charles Hospital (Louisiana)

Union Memorial Hospital (Maryland)

St. Agnes Hospital (Maryland)

Montefiore New Rochelle (New York)

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital (New York)

Northcoast Behavior Healthcare (Ohio)

SUMMA Akron City Hospital (Ohio)

San Juan City Hospital (Puerto Rico)

Central Utah Clinic (Utah)

Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute (Virginia)

Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center (Washington)

Clinical Curriculum

Cardiology                                      OB/GYN

Colorectal Surgery                        Occupational Medicine

Dermatology                                  Ophthalmology

Emergency Medicine                   Orthopedic Surgery

Family Practice                             Otolaryngology (ENT)

Gastroenterology                          Pediatrics

Hematology and Oncology         Plastic Surgery

Infectious Disease                        Psychiatry

Internal Medicine                        Pulmonology

Immunology and Allergy            Rheumatology

Nephrology                                   Surgery (General)

Neurology                                     Urgent Care (Family Practice

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