Coordinator of the ESL & Bachelor Program:

Ms. Luiza Waldrick
Main: (516) 927-0418
Cell: (917) 294-4088
Fax: (516) 921-1065
Email: lwaldrick@xusom.com

XUSOM is a TOEFL certified test center TOEFL

Start Dates:


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*Beginners/Principiante: Monday/Lunes-Wednesday/Miercoles-Friday/Viernes 6:00pm-9:00pm
*Intermediate/Intermedio: Tuesday/Martes-Thursday/Jueves 6:00pm-9:00pm
*Advance/Avanzado: Tuesday/Martes-Thursday/Jueves 6:00pm-9:00pm


3 Months/3 Meses


Awg.1500,- $858.00
10% discount if the fees are paid in full


Awg.250,- (non-refundable) – $140.00


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Course name:

Introduction to English as a second language, beginner and intermediate

Course prerequisite requirement:

Assessment examination given by Xavier with a passing score

Course description and goals:

The goal of this course is to teach students to communicate effectively in English by building grammar and vocabulary, as well as listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Classes will be held at the Caribbean medical school in Aruba.

E- Learning:

Apart from regular class room based inter-active teaching and learning schedule, students will be provided online support via e learning (Kaplan program/other resources).


Students will be assessed by quizzes, writing assignments, in class participation, and a final TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) standardized examination.

There will be a formative assessment at the end of each block.

50% Assignments and Quizzes
20% In class participation

Office Hours:

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Extra lectures if required

1. Examination policies and procedures:

  • Students failing to attend at the specified date and time of examinations for any reason will be treated as having failed the examination. These students must address a request for remake examination in writing to the Chair of the Promotions Committee.
  • Students must get a passing score in the OSCE practical examination separately in order to pass the course.
  • All missed examinations must be reported to the Dean/s within 12 hours. To be allowed make-up examinations, the student must make a letter of appeal to the Promotions Committee, with accompanying documents as soon as possible. If approved, the make-up examinations must be different and more difficult than the regular examinations.
  • Please see pages 11, 12 and 13, Student Handbook, 2012 edition.

2. Examination Grades for each examination and finals:

  • >90% H (Honors)
  • 70-89% P (Pass)

3. Attendance Policy

  • Attendance at classes held on/off campus and all laboratory classes are mandatory.
  • Students are encouraged to attend all of their classes. Attendance records are kept by the School and are released to licensing authorities or government bodies if requested. It is mandatory that an attendance level of at least 80% is maintained as some states may request this information prior to offering a license. As mentioned above, the professor reserves the right to give an attendance quiz grade, and a class participation quiz grade. As such, students must be present in class and participate in order to maximize quiz grade, which will count for 15% of the final course grade.
  • If attendance falls below 80% they will NOT be allowed to sit for the final examination and will obtain the grade of F for that class. They will have to repeat that class again next semester with 90% class attendance.
  • Attendance is expected for the whole period of class. Students must make sure they are present at the commencement of class and remain until the class is concluded. Any student leaving class early will be marked absent. Students signing the attendance sheet on behalf of absent classmates will be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs and the Promotions Committee for appropriate disciplinary action.

4. Withdrawing

Students may voluntarily withdraw from the course at any time. Please see the Student Handbook for further details on withdrawing from a course

5. Student Misconduct

Please see the Student Handbook for polices related to student misconduct both in and outside of the classroom. These policies shall be strictly enforced by all faculty members.


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