About the Global Medical Education & Research Foundation

The Global Medical Education and Research Foundation was established on 17th August 2012 to provide and support education, training and research activities in pursuit of bridging the critical shortage of skilled human resources in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology emphasizing the multidisciplinary approach in solving the challenges involved in combating the human suffering.

GMERF was founded by illustrious medical professionals like Dr.K.Ravindranath and Dr.K.S. Ratnakar and medical research scientist like Dr.V.Sritharan. Its Advisory Board GMERF I chaired by Padma Vibhushan Prof.P.Rama Rao (former secretary, Dept of Science and Technology, Govt. of India) and consists of several accomplished professionals and scientists. It offers an array of courses in Medical Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Health-care Management, Translational Research, Clinical Research, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Stem Cells.

GMERF is recognized as an R & D Centre by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India. It is affiliated to several universities (JNTU-H, OU and Dr.NTR Health Univ.) for PhD program in biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and has faculties who are recognized as guides in these research disciplines.

GMERF engages in interactions with traditional Universities and Private/Public Research Institutions through a variety of outreach programs. Our collaboration with IIT Delhi has resulted in innovating a point of care diagnostic device to detect endotoxin in blood which received the prestigious Govt. of India award called Gandhi Young Technology Innovator award 2016. It actively promotes programs that encourage bright young undergraduate and postgraduate students to undertake research careers. Considering that more than 75% of Health Care is provided by private health care providers, GMERF is aiming to contribute quality trained manpower in varied specialty subjects for human health care.