St. Francis College for WomenABOUT US
  • On April 26th, 2016, Xavier University School of Medicine President Ravi Bhooplapur signed MOU with St. Francis College and Global Medical Education & Research Foundation.  This tripartite agreement will start a new globally recognized Pre-Med to MD Program with guaranteed admission for Indian students to Xavier University School of Medicine after the successful completion of the Pre-Med course in India.
  • This rewarding program provides 3 trimesters of focused pre-medical studies to fully prepare students for their medical studies at the Xavier University School of Medicine. Beginning in July, students will be able to complete an 18 month Pre-Med study at St. Francis in Hyderabad and then transition to the Aruba campus to complete 2 years of classroom study followed by 2 years of Clinical Rotations in the United States and Canada.
  • St. Francis College, led by its principal, Dr. Sister Christine Fernandez is a well known college which was established in 1959 and when it celebrated its golden Jubilee year.  Dr. M. Shailaja Raj, the Head of the Microbiology Department at St. Francis College, will be the Program Director at the Xavier Pre-Med to MD Program at St. Francis, Hyderabad.
  • The Global Medical Education and Research Foundation is led by Director Dr. K.S. Ratnakar, and Dr. Sritharan, Head of Molecular Diagnostics and Biomarkers Laboratory at Global Hospital for the Pre-Med to MD St. Francis, Hyderabad program.